Rodent Services

Serving McKinney and surrounding areas

Rodents, the furry freeloaders of the animal kingdom, have a knack for turning your cozy abode into a rodent resort complete with complimentary chewed wires and surprise scurrying noises at 3 AM. They waltz in like they own the place, flaunting their whiskers and leaving behind a trail of destruction. No matter how many times you try to catch them, they always seem to outsmart you, turning your home into their personal playground of mischief and mayhem. View how our RID system eradicates these pests.

Rodent E-Rat-ication

Below are the specific types of ants you will find in McKinney, and the surrounding areas

Pest Me Off process to RID your home of Rodents



  • Upon our arrival, we will do a thorough inspection to locate the sources and type of rodent inside your home.
  • Once identified, we will remove the invaders by applying strategically placed baits and traps to eliminate any remaining rodents.



  • We will seal off entry points to the property by installing metal barriers where rodents may try to enter.
  • For the exterior of your home, we strategically install rodent deterrent in high traffic areas.



  • Following the initial treatment, we schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor any activity and keep the pests at bay.
  • With our proactive approach to rodent control, we aim to not only eradicate your current rodent problem but also to defend your home against future invasions, providing you with peace of mind and a pest-free environment.