Cockroach Services

Serving McKinney and surrounding areas

Cockroach Crackdown

Roaches, the uninvited guests that never seem to get the hint, have a knack for showing up at the most inconvenient times, like surprise party crashers with a penchant for dirty dishes. They scuttle around with an air of entitlement, as if they own the place, leaving behind a trail of crumbs and a sense of existential dread. No matter how many times you shoo them away, they always find a way back, like persistent salespeople trying to sell you on their dubious lifestyle choices. See how effectively our RID system deals with these pests

Below are the specific types of roaches you will find in McKinney, and the surrounding areas

Pest Me Off process to RID your home of Cockroaches



  • Upon our arrival, we will do a thorough inspection to locate the sources and types of roaches inside your home.
  • Once identified, we will remove the invaders by applying strategically placed baits and sprays to eliminate and push any remaining roaches out of your home.



  • For the exterior of your home, we install our “Scorched Earth Barrier” comprised of environmentally friendly sprays, dust formulations, and granules in your yard designed to annihilate and keep roaches out.
  • During the process, we prioritize your family’s safety and the well-being of your pets, ensuring that our treatments are both highly effective and minimally invasive.



  • Following the initial treatment, we schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor any activity and keep the roaches at bay.
  • With our proactive approach to pest management, we aim to not only eradicate your current roach problem but also to defend your home against future invasions, providing you with peace of mind and a pest-free environment.