About Us

Our Goal

At Pest Me Off, our primary goal is to eliminate pests from your home or business and provide you with lasting peace of mind. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that pests can bring, and we’re committed to delivering effective solutions that not only solve your immediate pest problems but also prevent future infestations.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pest Me Off is simple: to provide top-notch pest control services with a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering prompt, professional, and personalized service every step of the way. From our thorough inspections to our customized treatment plans, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality care and results.

Cities We Serve

Brandon Woodward – VP of Customer Relations

Brandon, a native of North Texas, hails from Allen and brings over 15 years of experience in the service industry and client support. Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of customer needs and the intricacies of client relations. His extensive background has equipped him with the skills necessary to navigate and excel in various service environments, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Known for his exceptional problem-solving skills, Brandon adeptly identifies and resolves customer issues with meticulous attention and determination. His expertise and dedication ensure that he effectively manages tasks of any scale, providing top-tier service and support to all clients. Brandon’s methodical approach, combined with his proactive attitude, allows him to address and anticipate client needs.

Outside of his professional life, Brandon enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring the great outdoors with his wife. His love for nature and adventure often leads him to discover new trails and scenic spots, fostering a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. This passion for outdoor activities complements his energetic and enthusiastic personality, which also shines through in his commitment to delivering outstanding service and support to his clients.

Mike Mathis – Lead Applicator

Michael Mathis has amassed over a decade of extensive experience in the pest control industry, beginning his journey in 2013. His tenure has been marked by a profound dedication to mastering the intricacies of Texas’s diverse pest ecosystem, with a particular focus on termites and ants. Through continuous learning and development, he has attained the prestigious Certified Applicator status and is currently striving towards achieving the Associate Certified Entomologist certification, showcasing his commitment to professional excellence.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Michael’s philanthropic endeavors underscore his ethos of community service. His contributions to charitable pest control initiatives for Dallas Country Social Services and support for disabled veterans exemplify his altruistic spirit and dedication to leveraging his expertise for the betterment of society.

Moreover, Michael’s collaborative and empathetic approach to problem-solving has earned him recognition as a trusted resource within the industry. His adeptness at listening to clients’ concerns and devising effective solutions underscores his role as a reliable ally for those navigating pest-related challenges.

In both his personal and professional spheres, Michael embodies a passion for the outdoors and manual labor, traits that undoubtedly enhance his efficacy in the field. Furthermore, his partnership with Danielle, a seasoned technician in her own right, speaks to their shared commitment to mutual growth and support within their careers.

Serving North

Pest Me Off offers a comprehensive range of pest control services designed to address the unique needs of residential and commercial clients in North Texas